Sunday, September 6, 2009

Favorites for Aug. 2009

Aug. is a busy birthday month. We celebrated Carter, Jack, and Griffyn's birthdays in Aug. Started with Carter and Jackson's at the Redwood Falls Park. Great food, family and friends. The little boys and the big boys (and girls) had a blast. The little kids loved the cake, Jack in particular enjoyed the frosting. After eating and presents they played a great softball game, Plaetz's against Hillesheim's. Everyone had so much fun. Was a memory making day.

Griffy's birthday celebration was at the end of the month. Again, food was so yummy, family and friends made the day special. I'll never forget the look on Griff's face when we sang Happy Birthday to him. Like "what the heck is going on". He jumped into my arms, then relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the song. Grandpa S. helped him out with the presents. This was the year of the "Deere" for Griff. Addisyn was feeling loving, came out of the house and gave her bro a great big hug. After eating they all enjoyed a game of kickball. It is so much fun to watch Grandpas, parents, big kids and little all enjoying the same activity. These will be days memories where memories for the kids are made.

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