Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I love my job!

Today I got to go to Redwood and take pictures of a fun family. We decided to met at the Redwood Falls City Park. If you ever get a chance, go visit the park. It is the largest city run park in MN. They do a great job and the park is beautiful! There was a light haze left from fog when I got there and so I walked around a took a few pictures before my family got there.

Nathan and Kelly are celebrating an Anniversary with new family pictures. They are diffently doing something right because their kids are not only adorable, but so well behaved, yet fun. Little E. has the best imagination. She made me a yummy ham and cheese, with mustard and mayo, all out of sticks. Thanks E.! I loved it. A. is such a little man, very serious about doing everything I ask him just right. He loves Sponge Bob and could be a little model. Thank you guys for a great morning!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

one more..........Aug. favorites

More Aug. favorites

Presents, presents, and more presents.
Poor little Jack, he needs wheels on his rocket.

Robyn and Daddy fighting over second base.

Addisyn running to base.
Mommy helping Griffy open presents
Mitch, the rockstar kickball player.

Favorites for Aug. 2009

Aug. is a busy birthday month. We celebrated Carter, Jack, and Griffyn's birthdays in Aug. Started with Carter and Jackson's at the Redwood Falls Park. Great food, family and friends. The little boys and the big boys (and girls) had a blast. The little kids loved the cake, Jack in particular enjoyed the frosting. After eating and presents they played a great softball game, Plaetz's against Hillesheim's. Everyone had so much fun. Was a memory making day.

Griffy's birthday celebration was at the end of the month. Again, food was so yummy, family and friends made the day special. I'll never forget the look on Griff's face when we sang Happy Birthday to him. Like "what the heck is going on". He jumped into my arms, then relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the song. Grandpa S. helped him out with the presents. This was the year of the "Deere" for Griff. Addisyn was feeling loving, came out of the house and gave her bro a great big hug. After eating they all enjoyed a game of kickball. It is so much fun to watch Grandpas, parents, big kids and little all enjoying the same activity. These will be days memories where memories for the kids are made.

So Loved........

This little one is so lucky. When you walk in their front door you can feel the love and the pride they have for her.

She was such a good baby for pictures. Look at those little feet, adorable! Such a pretty baby girl!

I can't wait for the 3 month pictures!

Katie & Josh

Kate and Josh, was a blast taking your engagement pictures. Thank you Katie for being such a sport and climbing up in the hay barn. I think you will love the pictures we got of you up there. Katie has amazing eyes, the camera loves them, and I have a feeling Josh does too. I can't wait to shoot your wedding.

Tanya & Opey's wedding

These two are so high energy and crazy fun to be around. I loved everything about their wedding, the colors (bright and bold), the place (her home in the country), their friends (crazy fun, just like them)and their family (I know where you two get your fun spirits and good looks from now). Was a beautiful day for a wedding, warm, gentle breeze, no bugs, no humidity, perfect. Tanya surprised almost everybody (including her man) by changing up the music after walking halfway down the isle, and dancing with her dad the rest of the way. See what I mean about fun!

Wishing you a long happy life together Tanya and Opey. It was my privilege to capture your special day.