Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cory & Stacy

laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live - unknown

I got to make some pictures of two of my favorite people to hang with. How lucky to be able to take engagement pictures of my own son and his fiancee Stacy. I am so happy that he found Stacy. Like the line in Jerry McGuire, they truely do complete each other. He is her yin, she is his yang. I see a long and happy life ahead for them. Love you guys!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sweet Baby Girl

I got the chance to take a picture of the sweetest little baby girl. She slept through pretty much the whole photo shoot. I've known her Daddy since he was a baby, now I'm taking pictures of his baby. Wow.......... Her mama has some amazing blue eyes, can't wait to see if baby Summer inherits those eyes. Was so much fun seeing you three, thanks for asking me to do your pictures.

Great Family, lots of little boys and fun............

Today is my birthday. Crazy thing, I turned 39 AGAIN. Just like Bill Murrey in Ground Hog Day, it just keeps happening, over and over.

Mostly, I'm happy and loving life. I keep crazy busy, but that is a good thing, I dispise being bored.

Yesterday I got to shoot a sweet new baby boy and his family. Baby M is happiest in mama's arms. He just loves looking at her face. Everytime she held him, he lay in her ams, relaxed and just watched her. Like he knew all was right in his little world now. Adorable. After raising 4 boys of my own I loved being around all those little high energy boys! Mom and Dad are both gorgeous! How much fun was that.