Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Micheal & Melissa

trusted me to take their pictures knowing this was my first wedding. I was so nervous, but the two of them were so kind and gracious, they put me at ease. Their wedding was all about love and music. Music is how they met. Micheal was playing in a band and Melissa was at a different wedding dance at a different venue close by. Both bands took a break at the same time and Micheal and Melissa were both out getting air. Micheal noticed Melissa standing among her friends and loved her red dress. He went over and talked to her and asked her if she wanted to come hear his band play. The rest is history as they say.

I drove to Hanley Falls, knowing both my sons had wives expecting that day. I was also nervous about that. The wedding was beautiful, Micheal's friends played guitar and softly sang in the background before the wedding and Micheals sister sang during the wedding. She did Josh Grobin's You lift me up and it was unbelievable.

The next morning driving home at 6:00 I got a call from son #1 saying the baby was on the way, 2 hours later got a call from son #2 saying the baby was on the way. The twin cousins were born 6 hours apart.

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